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Scarves, Wraps and Beanies - Cleckheaton, Patons 361


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Scarves and wrap patterns in Patons and Cleckheaton yarns.

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Scarves, wrap and beanie patterns.

1. Blanket Wrap (Patons Extra Fine Merino 8 ply)

2. Cable Wrap (Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8 ply)

3. Garter Peak Edge Shawl (Cleckheaton California 14 ply)

4. Splice Wrap (Cleckheaton Country and Country Naturals 8 ply)

5. Cosy Beanie (Patons Jet 12 ply)

6. Lace Shawl (Patons Bluebell 5 ply)

7. Smart Jumper Wrap (Patons Inca)

8. Short Cowl & Beanie (Patons Extra Fine Merino 8 ply)

9. Scarf and Beanie (Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8 ply)

10. Scarf (Patons Super Quick)

11. Garter Intersection Shawl (Cleckheaton Country and Country Naturals 8 ply)

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